Remy goes to London~

 I needed to into London today for a job in a photo studio (which didn’t work out, btw… long story short, because of miscommunication between employees there regarding whether there’s an ACTUAL opening or NOT…)

Anyway, Thought to bring Remy along for his first trip out of Borehamwood…. Sneaked out of my bag during the train ride! 

Went to Borough Market after the much messed up job thingy… and saw store after store of fantastic yummy things…

Which included a lot of game… (in which Remy was MOST excited about)….

And more cheese….

Nuts, dried berries and fruits…. Where after, constant begging from Remy, we bought a bag of smoked cashews, pistachios and pecans….

Ending our venture into Borough Market by oogling at fresh fish, oysters, and sashimi grade tuna and salmon….

Seeing that the sun was still shining down brightly and it was still quite early in the afternoon, we just started walking down the road… and walked… and walked…. We’ve passed many little shops and alleyways….

And found interesting little gems in the oddest places….

Not to mention some of the oddest building decorations…..

Occasionally, Remy would peek out from his comfy little pouch in my bag.

It was only after quite a while of walking when I found ourselves in Elephant and Castle. So there, we hopped onto the tube (forgetting that the National rail goes directly to Borehamwood from there… *smacks self*) to St.Pancras Station. Did more looking around the shops, made a slight detour into Body Shop, and went to catch the train home.

Managed to miss the train (because I just sat there daydreaming and the train came and went….. >_< !!!!!) so had to wait even longer due to all the canceled trains ‘because of technical problems’. Remy growled at me for that…..

Managed to reach Borehamwood and catch the bus home relatively smoothly… and forgetting what I needed to buy in Tescos, which was supposed to be one of my stops today (still don’t remember….).

Reached home at around 6pm…. and a tired Remy was tucked back onto his spot on the shelf for a good rest. 

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