artsy Remy~

I went off for part 1 of an interview (sales and marketing…. *pales*) today at Kentish Town. Remy tagged along because I was sure it won’t last long (and sure enough, it didn’t). Brought along my Great Britain Discovery Guidebook with me as well, so after the interview thingy I went off for an hour long walk around the area and then had lunch while Remy and I debated where to go sightseeing.

Since we’re in Kentish Town, we decided the easiest place to go to was Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery (via Northern Line).

 Remy was very impressed and proud when he found that the 4 lions at Trafalgar looked like HIM! *grins*

   After being startled by pidgeons, Remy decided it was time to go into the National Gallery (that’s right by Trafalgar square), though he did stare up in awe for a couple of minutes at the foot of the building’s main entrance.

   Finally getting into the main reception area, we picked up on of the gallery plans, and did a (sort of) anti-clockwise tour of the rooms. Saw Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, but Remy prefered the Two Crabs instead. Ooooh-ed and aaaah-ed at La Pointe de la Hève, Sainte-Adresse, The Execution of Lady Jane Gray, An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump, A Shipwreck, The Supper at Emmaus, The Virgin of the Rocks, and others among all the great artists of the 1250s to 1900s….. To get a better view, Remy insisted on peeking out from side pocket of my jacket, forgoing the comforts of his pouch in my bag.

 After spending nearly 4 hours going through ALL the available rooms (3 were down for maintainance… so that means there were around 60 rooms altogather, in all shapes and sizes), we left the building tired (rather brain dead as well… one can only take so much Birth/Death of Christ and portraits of all sorts….) but happy. Remy decided to move back into his pouch while I made our way back to Kentish town (via the underground again…) to take the Thameslink back to Elstree and Borehamwood.

Since we were slightly sort of some stuff at home, I popped into Tescos (between bus ride from  Borehamwood station to laptop-and-bed) to do some grocery shopping. Remy refused to pop out on his first venture into Tescos (oh joy, the excitement!.. *insert sarcasm*) and prefered to be snug and tucked in my bag while I wandered around the isles trying to remember what we needed.

Reached home at around 6pm. Legs feel like jelly by now, but it was a satisfying day out~


2 thoughts on “artsy Remy~”

  1. Will Remy shrink if you wash him? Hehe… would be funny if he gets smaller and smaller as time goes by.

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