Embankment – Westminster exploration

 Part 2 of my interview was this morning. So I woke up and pryed Remy from his shelf and went to take the bus. We were slightly early, so Remy grabbed this opportunity to get some sun at the bus stop.

 After much ado (interview- field trip- another interview, but decided not to take the job even if they offered it to me…. sounded dodgey) and a couple of hours and tube rides later, I was finally free for the day. Since it was nice and sunny outside but already nearly 3pm, we decided to take a short walk from Embankment to Westminster station. Took the tube from Kentish Town down to Embankment and strolled around the Embankment Gardens.

 Remy romped around the grass for a bit and admired the pretty flowers, while trying to avoid ‘landminds’ left by his domesticated cousins. Wished that the daisies were out….

 Crossing a busy street, we found ourselves by the Thames. Remy spotted the Gherkin in the distance (follow the blue arrow, for those unfamiliar with the term), and proudly posed for a shot because he thinks that his tail has the exact same shape.

 Following the river, we reached buildings for the Ministry of Defence.

 Dotted along the street are these benches with Egyptian Pharoah heads as arm rests. Remy, being the pesky little wolf that he is, insisted that we stop to take a photo of him with one of the heads.

 Finally dragging Remy away from the benches, we bumped into The Battle of Britain Monument in London. Remy, scared by the BIG face (near the middle of the monument), absolutely refused to go anywhere near it. We compromised by having him posing under the smaller guys at the edge of the monument…..

 …. that was, until Remy spotted the other wall with bombers on it!! He’s been watching too many war movies…..

 We continued strolling down the river, and finally managed to get a good shot of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben (and a red London Double Decker Bus!!)

 By this time, Remy was so hungry that a poor little pidgeon, half frozen and shivering on a roof of one of the piers on the Thames must have looked quite yummy to him…..

 … so I bought him a piping jumbo hot dog with onions and mustard to enjoy in front of the London Eye. Remy wolfed it down rather quickly, while keeping an eye on the other pidgeons which had also taken a keen interest in the food.

 With his hunger satisfied, Remy was feeling drowsey and satisfied… so we decided to call it a day and head back home. We walked on as we passed Westminster Abbey not too far away….

 …. and down to Westminster Underground Station to catch the Jubilee line up to West Hampstead, and then back to Borehamwood.



11 thoughts on “Embankment – Westminster exploration”

  1. Haha! Remy is usually friendly and not eat random birds unless really hungry~ *grins* You’ll just have to come here to the UK or wait till I get to go to Japan to introduce them! *lol*

  2. hello sweetie!! Glad to see you over here~ *grins*

    Remy needs to get out more~ Hopefully, he’ll have more adventures this spring/summer~

    Cheers~ and thanks~

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