back to Borough Market~

Went for another interview today… this time, it’s a Flash design/developer role. I’ll need to go buy an actionscript bible if I manage to get this job!! Will definately be an interesting job, since it’s what I’m interested in~ Courseware/adult learning programs and all that.

Anyway…. as usual, went for a walkabout after the interview (11am) with Remy…. wet day as it was….
 This was the route we took… The interview was up in Moorgate.. so I took the tube down to Bank, and walked the underground link towards Monument and emerged out from there…. wanted to see the Monument…. but somehow missed it….

 … saw St.Magnus the Martyr Church instead….

 And some pretty roofs along the road.

 … a sure sign that spring is out…. Never seen that colour on a tulip before though….

 and more churches (St.Mary at Hill Church) peeping out from between modern structures….

 Doubling back after passing the Custom House, we walked along the Thames…. and managed to convince Remy out onto a dry spot for a photo or two with Tower Bridge and some artists painting in the background… (it was a wet day, and Remy doesn’t do wet well…. He soaks up water like a sponge…. )

 Walking down along the river, spotted buildings like this that look like something out of a scifi novel/movie.

Tried to look for a way up ONTO London Bridge, but somehow finding outselves UNDER it……. *sighs*

 Finally getting up onto London Bridge…..

 and across…. arriving at Southwark Cathedral.

 Met up with Muks at Borough Market for lunch (steak and mushroom bap~ YUM!) and walked around the market again to buy dinner… settled with some wild boar/ venison sausage and a kilo of clams~!!!

 Going out of Borough market, past London Bridge station and round the bend into Hay’s Galleria and back again to London Bridge station to take the train back. Gave up on wandering more at that point due to the annoying rain………

 and finding that the sun had came out when I was waiting at the platform for the train…. *SIGHS* C’est la vie…. Anyway… reached Borehamwood after a few tube/train changes… and walked a bit down the main street just because… and saw this… Remy was well pleased to see a shop (sort of) named after him! *grins*

 Caught the bus home, with a brief pause as Remy frolicked around the daisies and dandelions at the patch of green by the bus stop.



3 thoughts on “back to Borough Market~”

  1. Hehe… The monument is currently covered in scaffolding. Remy did enjoy his steak bap, but I believe he was thinking “keep your bap”.

  2. Ah~ That explains it…. I was wondering how I managed to miss something that big….

    Remy: yes~ bap wastes precious space for more steak and mushrooms~

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