familiar voice~

It’s odd how one voice stands out more than others…..

saiyuki- cho hakkai  I’ve finished Saiyuki about half a year ago… and my fav. character was/is Cho Hakkai. However, one thing niggled at the back of my mind… his voice sounded very familiar to me….

That was when I Wiki-ed him and found that he was voiced by none other than Ishida Akira! Just about anyone who claims that they watch anime must have heard his voice at some point.

eva- kaworu I think he is best known as Kaworu Nagisa from Neon Genesis Evangelion…. 

slayers- xellos metallium as well as Xellos from Slayers. Those 2 roles was where I first heard his voice (while still in high school) and found those characters to be rather outstanding….

I’ve not seen many series since then….. but resumed being pickled by anime during the end of my Masters, which was when I started on Saiyuki.

After Saiyuki, he popped up in so many other series that I’ve been grazing at (and somehow ended up being my fav. character within the series). Some of the ones I liked best are….

d n angel- satoshi hiwatari Satoshi Hiwatari from D N Angel….

spiral. suiri no kizuna- eyes rutherford Eyes Rutherford from Spiral….

samurai deeper kyo- sasuke sarutobi Sasuke Sarutobi from Samurai Deeper Kyo….

Gundam seed- Athrun Zala Athrun from Gundam SEED….

night head genesis- Naoya Kirihara Naoya from Night Head Genesis (the shorter brother)….

chrno crusade- chrno Chrno from Chrno Crusade….

shounen onmyouji- young Seimei Abeno Young Seimei from Shounen Onmyouji….

meine liebe- naoji  Naoji from Meine Leibe…

Koutetsu Sangokushi- Ryomou Shimei Ryomou from Koutetsu Sangokushi…

…. and many many others….

kyou kara maoh- saralegui One of his latest, though…. is Saralegui from Kyou Kara Maoh (KKM).

I’ve watched the 78 eps. of KKM a couple of months ago… and liked it because it’s insane…. They came up with the 5 piece OVA at the end of 07, and much to my surprise, Ishida Akira’s voice popped up in this new character. Think he’ll be popping up now and again in KKM season 3 (starting now) since he’s also featured in the opening.




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