Slam Dunked….~

slam dunk assorted group picture

Just finished watching all 101 eps. of Slam Dunk as well as the 4 ova/movies…

The TV anime is full of flashbacks, recaps and slowdowns…. the animation quality isn’t great, and can drag 2 minutes of a game into nearly 2 whole episodes…. as is typical of animes during early to mid 90s, I guess….

As bad as I made it sound just now…. it is undeniably one of the classics and is still able to make me ‘fangirl-squee’, laugh and cheer with nearly each episode. I wish they’d have continued with the story from the manga and produced anime for the National Championship tournaments…..

slam dunk shoyo match q-ban ….. what other insane things can they come up with another 101 eps, I wonder? There was a very noticeable improvement in the final 10 eps, where the pace was faster, the animation smoother, and much less recaps. That was what they carried on into the ovas.

I’ve not seen the 4 movies before, and was pleasantly surprised.

The ovas/movies had sidestories (not from the manga) that could be slotted into parts within the TV anime. The first movie was the only one that had any visible influence to the plot within the TV anime (2 characters popped up in one of the matches as a continuation from the movie).

Movie 1 had the oddest pace, and an ..’interesting’ sound/score design…. Even though having a slightly softer colour palate, crisper lines and smoother animation, it felt like it was sort-of cut and pasted together slightly haphazardly. Thankfully, they managed to keep the animation quality for the next 3 movies, and also drastically improved the pacing as well. One gets the feeling that they’ve finally managed to iron out the creases between the transformation from TV series to animated movie.

The 4th movie….. I like…. I like a LOT.

Maybe because of the much improved animation quality, nice pacing and good storyline, or maybe it just might be because of its emphasis on Rukawa (hey~ I’m biased… what can I say? *shrugs*).

Rukawa and Ichiro Mizumasa Other than that, the main character in the movie, Ichiro Mizumasa (super fan and follower of Rukawa who will not be able to play basketball anymore due to leg injuries, and wishes to be in one last game with his sempai before the operation) sounded suspiciously like Ishida Akira. Don’t think he is (well… it’s not in his anime appearance list in wiki), but it sure made me pause a couple of times and go “…hmm……?~?”

Anyway, I would highly recommend the 4 movies to fans of the manga, but couldn’t sit through 101 eps. of the TV series because of its pacing.

*sigh* Really itching to play basketball now!!!!



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