How to make Enk, Remy and Rama happy?

pokka and pocky

All I need now is Pocarisweat (ポカリスエット) and some sembei…. and I’ll bounce around in bliss~



12 thoughts on “happiness~”

  1. Remy licking the bottle in anticipation, while Rama tries to decide which coffee to start~ heh~

    (*Remy takes a moment to growl at Muks for saying that his tail is beaver-like*)

  2. Nori-senbei? Goma-senbei? or Nure-senbei?
    I think you haven’t eaten Nure-senbei yet.
    That is quite soft and wet! Can you imagine the taste?

  3. Ummm…. Nure-senbei looks like wet-type senbei ( not crisp! nure means like ‘wet’ ).
    It’s getting popular in this two or three years. It has many kinds of tastes, for example, soy sauce, miso, red pepper, honey, etc. Do you want to eat it?

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