restless Remy satisfied~

Another warm, bright and sunny day….. was a brilliant day for restless Remy….

sort-of japanese garden feature ….. for a trip to World of Water.

Gazed at seahorses, fishes, mussels, and garden features/ponds. Remy found his favourite in amongst the many displays, an Asian/Japanese influenced design… (and Enk’s fav. non-edible plant…. Japanese Maple… *points at banner at the top of this blog*)

huffs and puffs

Came back home, faffed around in the garden and mucked around with the pond while Remy huffed and puffed at dandelions….

oriental city steam boat ….. and worked up quite an appetite.

Went to Oriental City for a seafood steamboat, where Muks, Enk and Remy demolished glasses of iced sugar cane herbal tea,  plates of oysters, tofu pok, enochi, konyaku noodles, funny fishball-like-thingies, beefballs, clams, watercress, crabsticks, and squid….

closer look at yummy soups~  ….. with tomyam (with mushrooms, tomatoes, lemon, parsley*EEEEEEEUWWWWWW**blearh*, chilies) and pickled/salted veggie (ham choi) fish head (salmon~!! *drools*) soup.

And as if we were’nt greedy enough……

….. for dessert, an oh-so-satisfying/wonderful/doesitgetbetterthanthisIthinknot cup of iced hongkong milk tea and an ice kacang/ABC (or to the non-Malaysian readers, many-types-of-jellies, red bean, sago, corn, coconut milk, palm syrup, etc in crushed ice).


Restless Remy? Not anymore…~

*flops down onto the bed in happiness*


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