kyou kara maoh~

You rmember that I said D Gray Man is insane?

Well…… Kyou Kara Maoh (kkm) is worse….


I don’t mean that in a BAD way… it’s just totally, unapologetically and unflinchingly outofitsrocker…

For those  of you who (like me) like stories, such as Escaflowne and  Fushigi Yuugi, where the main character gets sucked into another world (in kkm, i say this literally…!!) and lands into some situation where it’s completely …well… out-of-the-world (not to mention the many bishis that pop up~ *grins*), but the only snag is that the main FEMALE character is so irritating that most of the time, she makes you want to punch her…… then you’d most probably like KKM.

In KKM, it’s a guy (Yuuri, see above picture) who gets landed into a world where he is proclaimed the King of Demons because his eyes, hair and the uniform he was wearing (typical japanese student uniform) were black. There’s more to it than that, but I won’t reveal it here just in case I accidentally spoil it for those of you who have not seen it yet.

Anyway…. this anime is listed as potential shonen ai because Yuuri accidentally gets himself engaged to Wolfram (youngest son to the ex-Maoh) due to some bizarre custom….. as well as the fact that Gunter (one of Yuuri’s faithful adviser, who is…. COMPLETELY INSANE) is obsessed with Yuuri.

I feel that this anime is more about poking fun at other typical anime of this genre (so I don’t really agree with it being ‘shonen ai’ related….). A full range of bishonens, but all odd in some ways, and all the female characters have strong personalities (except for the maids…), as apposed to the bishonens being all cool and heroic (well… KKM characters are cool and heroic in some ways…. but they’re crazy first and foremost… *sweatdrops*) and the bishojous being all pretty and helpless (and OH SO IRRITATING)….


The newest episode is no.84 (where this 2 images came from) is as crazy as the ones before it….

saralegui!! …. PLUS…~ Saralegui pops up in the end at last!!!!!!!!!~




2 thoughts on “kyou kara maoh~”

  1. Is that supposed to explain the *silence* “Hahahahaha!” *silence* “Hahahahaha!” *silence* “Hahahaha!”?

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