Remy goes to the movies~

Indi 4~!!!!

Must watch Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull~!!!!!!!!!

at the movies … so Remy tagged along to his first movie at the cinema.

Remy, impressed by the size of the screen and Indiana Jones himself, decides that his next plan of action is now called: “Bug Enk for Fedora and Whip”, otherwise known as “Mission Bug”…..

tgi starter … but abandoned his Mission for a while in favour of food at TGI Fridays when the starter and milk shake arrived.

tgi main …. and after hogging the steak, cheesy mash and veggies, Remy was full and happy.


…….. and back to bugging Enk.


3 thoughts on “Remy goes to the movies~”

  1. In Tokyo Disney Resort (The Disney Sea), they have already had the attraction of Indy Jones and the Crystal Skulls. Several years ago, I went to there, but I didn’t have a chance to try it!

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