Remy at Westminster… again!

It was quite a coincidence my job interview today took me back to Westminster! This turned out to be the continuation of Remy’s previous Embankment- Westminster adventure!!

 Just out of the tube station, a rather moody looking Clock Tower (housing Big Ben) first greeted Remy and Enk. (*sigh* Imagine having that view every day going to work!!! *fingers crossed*)

 An hour early, as usual, we took the time for the scenic route. Passed by the butt end of Westminster Abbey (called The Lady Chapel, paid for by King Henry VIII~!)…..

 ….. and Victoria Tower Gardens where Remy collected 2 types of pretty mapel leaves (or maybe one of them is an English Plane??? *scratches head*).

 Still happily trotting along, we had an urge to play checkers upon seeing this.

After the interview (which went well…. *still keeping fingers crossed*. Though need to wait 3-4 weeks for the 2nd interview…. *sighs*) we decided to walk to Victoria Station, just to explore the area and to take a peek at Westminster Cathedral (not to be confused with Westminster Abbey mentioned at the begining of this post) on our way there…..

 … and found MORE checkered buildings….

They seem particularly obssessed with that in this part of London.

Upon reaching the Cathedral, we suddenly understood why…..

Remy was well impressed with St. Edward’s Tower. He imagined himself the size of King Kong, and was pawing the side of the Cathedral, trying to climb up the tower to snatch at WW1 fighter planes.

 The inside of the cathedral was as impressive as its outside.

Remy and Enk spent a very happy half hour wandering around admiring everything!

Feeling hungry, we arranged to meet up with Muks at Borough Market again for lunch. After a bit of a bungle of missing Victoria station, and ended up walking all the way to St.James station (and NOT noticing until we were waiting for the train and saw the underground sign on the platform…. That gave Enk quite a start…!*ahem*) we got to London Bridge just fine albeit slightly late ……

A very nice ostrich burger and a bit of a walkabout the market later, Muks and Enk decided the oysters at the stores looked too good to ignore….

 … and was carefully carried back home for dinner!

Remy was tired, so a Remy-sized bump could be seen in his pouch on Enk’s bag (indicated by the pawprint).

Tube and bus trip took around 2 hours. Enk was not amused…

At night….

After a bit of trial and error, Muks was soon turning out expertly shucked oysters, and Remy doing some prodding and directing at the side~

Not long after that, ex-oyster shells were all that was left.


Happy Muks, Enk and Remy.


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