our fav. werewolf~

Remus Lupin, from Harry Potter played by David Thewlis. My fav. character from the books (and movies)~!!!!

remus lupin 

Quite a different style from the gritty Dilios drawing I did last night. Same medium, sketched on paper and coloured on Photoshop. A more air-brushy smoothness, methinks….

You can quite obviously see that my attention was just on the face and eyes… I sort of lost interest after that…. hence the half-finished hair and clothes. *grins* Decided to just post it for now, but I might go back and revisit this sometime in the future…..

We’ll see….

I’ve always had it in my mind that David Wenham would make a fantastic Remus, and was traumatised slightly horrified when it was revealed that David Thewlis was going to play the character. (I think my housemates at the time were slightly alarmed by the cry of distress that came from my room when I read that little piece of news online)

I have nothing against David Thewlis. It was just because he’s such a fantastic actor, and played such a horrible character in Dragon Heart (another one of my fav. movies since young) that knowing he would be REMUS nearly gave me (and my housemates) a heart attack!

Though after watching PoA, I think he was brilliant in it….. and I adore him as Remus now.


Anyway…. I somehow ended up with a mixture of Thewlis and Wenham features for this Remus. *shrugs* How did that happen….?

Though to be fair, both Davids DO look quite similar… No?


Maybe it’s just me….



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