Remilios goes hunting~

Remy Remilios…. unable to ignore his natural and Spartan Hoplite instincts, prowled amongst the shrubs and leaves…. 

With the eye of an eagle a wolf, he spotted his prey… 

Ready to pounce at any moment…. he silently creeped up upon the unsuspecting….

hunting 1 … strawberry!

hunting 2

Buoyed by his success with the dangerous berry (it’s RED!), Remilios took it upon himself to wrestle with the menacing tentacles of a Kohlrabi (Brassica oleracea)….

 hunting 3 … after a few tense moments, it was a narrow win~!


So Remilios could enjoy the fruits of his labour, diced up and stir fried with Thai red chicken curry, more home grown spinach and swiss chard, and udon. 


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