at westminster yet again…!

I went out to Borehamwood high street yesterday and didn’t bring Remy because I thought it would be a quick little trip… besides, there’s usually nothing much to see anyway and he’s been there many times over…
This time… an antique and junk sell was held in the town hall…
Remy was NOT happy to find out that he was left out of such an experience….


 … and was only slightly less annoyed after Muks offered him a borage to eat…. (tasted like cucumber!)

So today when I went for that second interview, guess who came with?

other pouch

 Remy claimed yet another pouch in my other bag…. He decided to leave his Dilios Remilios outfit behind in  the safety of his spot on the shelf.

borough market lunch again

 The interview was late afternoon this time… so we met up with Muks at Borough market (as usual) for lunch (paella) and a little walk (saw loads of odd’shrooms!)….

westminster abbey and an interesting building next to it...

 …. and went over to Westminster for a quick look-see…. (didn’t have enough time to go into the Abbey~ *sniffs*)

pretty street 

…. before heading towards the company, passing by some pretty little English streets along the way.


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