3 course meal~

We started with the main meal of egg noodles with okra and aubergine indian curry, with a few pieces of chicken in tomato and nando’s periperi sauce.
main meal
main meal

olives for afters
olives for afters

Followed by utterly yummilicious olives from borough market…..

home grown strawberries
home grown strawberries

… while we rested our bellies, Remy started to prepare the berries we plucked from the garden… and found one Remy sized!


Finally ending the very satisfying meal with a dessert of pancake topped with a LOT of home grown strawberries (which Remy proudly proclaimed to be ALL his…), rasberries and vanilla ice cream.


2 thoughts on “3 course meal~”

  1. Hey girl!

    I got your post card~~ ๐Ÿ˜› So lovely that you still keep my address. Long time never hear from you. How’s thing going?

    These few months there are quite some changes here:
    1. I change my job
    2. Join in education line (again, but this time is different. :P)
    3. Setup a wedding photography freelance service (http://www.flickr.com/photos/le_frame/)
    4. I just finish my QA exam today.. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Keep in touch ya!!!
    What is your mailing add now? Maybe post some stuff to you!


  2. Hey Cathy~! Of course I kept your address!

    Are you still in Penang then? Wow~ Wedding photography! Sounds nice.

    I hope the exam went well? *grins*

    Keep me posted! Cheerio~

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