Remy inspects the garden~

Remy looks outside the window and finds that it was a pretty nice day today~ So, out comes the camera….

Remy inspects the wild flowers, the daisies, the potatoes, the borage, the cabbages, the pond, and the rest of the garden.

The borage then became a snack with tea while Remy rests after his tiring afternoon in the sunshine and wind.


8 thoughts on “Remy inspects the garden~”

  1. Oh! Remy!
    But you don’t want to eat eel, do you??? hehehe……
    I’ve never heard ‘ a wolf that loves to eat eel ‘……..
    If you love, I’ll treat you to ‘ Una-don ‘!

  2. Oh, not ‘ udon ‘. Just ‘ don ‘.
    ‘Una’ is, of course, eel. ‘Don’ is rice.
    Have you ever heard ‘ Ten-don ‘??
    Ten is tenpura~~~~~~~!

  3. Ooooooooooh~! Yes~ I forgot about that!! I LOVE gyukatsu don!!!!!! One of my fav. dishes!

    I don’t really like tenpura though…. and I absolutely ADORE sashimi!!!!!!

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