two coppers a-calling…

Thursday (10 July 2008 )

7.00 pm- *Enk and Muks cooks dinner of surprise curry*
7.30 pm- *Enk and Muks happily wanders around garden picking veggies*
                *Enk and Muks hunts for snails*
8.00 pm- *Enk and Muks watches Celebrity Masterchef while eating*
8.30 pm- CRASH BANG BANG BANG CRASH” (from next door)
8.31 pm- *Enk and Muks looks at each other in alarm.*
                *Enk rushes to the window.*
                *Enk sees a blond female police (identified by the black vest) rushing into neighbour’s house*
                *Muks joins Enk but was slightly too late so saw nothing*
8.32 pm- *Muks runs upstairs to look out of back window*
                *Enk joins Muks.*
                *Enk catches a glimpse of man (arms twisted behind back) being dragged into the house.*
                *Again, Muks saw nothing*
8.34 pm- *Muks and Enk rushes into Chris’s room to look out of front window*
8.38 pm- *Nothing happened*
                *Enk and Muks gives up and goes downstairs to continue eating*
8.39 pm- *Enk and Muks still occasionally peek out of window in curiosity*
8.42 pm- CRASH BANG… “WOOF WOOF WOOF”…. (from next door again)
                *Muks rushes to corridor and sticks ear against wall*
                *Enk looks on in anticipation*
                *Muks hears nothing*
                *Enk and Muks is disappointed*
9.25 pm- *Chris returns*
9.26 pm- *Enk and Muks regales Chris about what happened*

Friday (11 July 2008 )

3.00pm- *Enk happily browses on laptop in bed*
               *Enk peers out of room window looking towards garden*
               *Enk sees nothing*
3.13pm- *Enk rushes to Muks’s room window and peeks out into the front*
               *Enk sees 2 passerbys walking house, head craned towards next door*
               *Passerbys looked curious and puzzled*
               *Enk sees nothing else*
3.15pm- *Enk returns into room*
3.20pm- DINGDONG
*Enk answers door*
               *Enk startled by two TALL cops standing at front door*
               *Cop 1 shows ID and asks if he could come in and ask some questions*
3.21pm- *Enk shows cop 1 & 2 into living room*
               *Cop 1 apologises for disturbing*
               *Cop 1 explains a bit about crashing next door*
               *Cop 1 says something might have been chucked into the gardens*
               *Cop 1 asks if Enk has seen anything unusual in garden*
               *Enk looks puzzled*
               *Enk tells them that Enk and Muks has not been in garden after 8*
               *Cop 1 asks if they can search the garden*
               *Cop 1 asks Enk if Enk could come and identify any odd items in garden*
3.25pm- *Enk leads cop 1 & 2 into garden*
               *Cop 1 stays next to Enk asking questions & explains with more details*
               *Cop 2 searches veggie patch*
               *Cop 2 searches behind pond and fruit trees*
               *Cop 2 searches through potato bushes*
               *Cop 2 searches behind herb pots*
               *Cop 2 searches around pergola*
               *Cop 2 searches around shed*
               *Cop 2 searches under plantling table*
               *Cop 2 searches across fence*
               *Cop 2 searches around soil and grass pile*
               *Cop 2 peers into Stinky’s hutch*
3.29pm- *Cop 1 spots something*
               *Cop 1 points at compost bag*
               *Cop 1 asks Enk if compost bag is ours*
               *Enk answers in the affirmitive*
               *Cop 1 nods*
               *Cop 1 continutes chatting with Enk*
               *Cop 2 is still searching*
3.33pm- *Cop 2 finishes search*
               *Cop 1 asks if he could ask Enk more questions inside*
               *Enk leads way back into house, cop 1 & 2 follows*
               *Enk, Cop 1 & 2 gathers in dining/piano room*
               *Cop 2 politely closes glass door for Enk*
3.34pm- *Cop 1 asks if Enk has seen anything odd at 8.30 on Thursday night*
               *Cop 1 asks if Enk has seen anything odd at 11.30 on Thursday night*
               *Cop 1 asks if Enk saw anyone hopping over fence past garden*
               *Cop 1 asks if Enk noticed any odd packages in garden*
               *Enk gives what information Enk could (which isn’t much)*
3.36pm- *Cop 1 & 2 nods at each other*
               *Cop 1 gives Enk a card.*
               *Cop 1 asks Enk to call immediately if anything odd is found in garden*
               *Cop 1 apologises again*
3.37pm- *Cop 1 & 2 leave*
               *Enk shows cop 1 & 2 to door*
               *Enk, standing at door, sees HUGE police van right in front of house.*
               *Cop 1 & 2 walks off*
3.38pm- *Enk goes upstairs and emails Muks and Chris*
6.58pm- *Muks and Chris returns*
6.59pm- *Muks tells Enk neighbour’s door has a BIG hole & several smaller holes*
               *Enk finally realises why passerbys looked so bemused at 3.13pm.*

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