jelly-like legs~ part II

Continued from previous post

As I’ve mentioned, after a brief stop at Borehamwood (8.50-10am), Remy and I hopped onto the train to St.Albans.


It was a bit of a walk from the St.Albans station to the city center, but the view was nice. Stopped at the Tourist Information (the grand white building on top) to pick up some local maps and attraction brochures.


First stop, the Clock Tower…..


… and after a slight detour into Comicworld and Gamesworkshop that I happened upon along the way, we went throught the Abbey Gateway which is now part of the St Albans school. *sigh* To be able to study in such a school would be like something out of the childrens stories I’ve adored!! *sigh*

Quite a bit away after strolling through Verulamium Park (will have photos featured later)  in the WIND were churches (photo: St.Michael), old pubs and inns, the Watermill and little old houses.

Finally reaching the highlight of my little day-trip… The Verulamium Museum. Built on the site of the old Roman city of Verulamium…. third largest city in Roman Britain (AD 50- 400/450).


Loads of fun stuff to explore inside. Even had a old game of chance (favoured by the Romans) with Remy.


The Museum featured many impressive mosaics excavated from the old city.


…. So Remy insisted on some cheesy touristy poses of the mosaics…..

 …. and little Remy-sized models….

 …. when a particular display caught Remy’s eye.

After spending quite a long time at the museum gaping at old artifacts, we decided that there was still much to explore outside. So leaving the museum behind, and on another strech of road on the other side of the Verulamium park (100 acres!!) , we popped into the Hypoaust…..

…. where they had a painting of what the Roman City would have looked like…..

 … and an even BIGGER and IMPRESSIVE room sized mosaic.

Stay tuned for the third part of this adventure.


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