jelly-like legs~ part III

I’ve mentioned Verulamium Park in my previous post . It’s a fantastically pretty park on the site of the old Roman city of Verulamium, with landmarks peppered around (and some in) it, and a VERY nice lake.

St.Albans Cathedral sits on the west of the lake, The Watermill on it’s North, with a stream running downwards from the Mill parallel to the lake, the Verulamium Museum (and the Roman Theatre) somewhere North West, and The Hypocaust West within the park itself.


Remy and I walked along the East side of the lake upwards to Verulamium Museum (in the previous post). So after leaving the Hypocaust, we strolled towards to lake within the park, with its lolling hills and occasional clumps of trees. The St.Albans Cathedral could be seen on top of a hill across the lake, looking rather grand and impressive. If you ignore the corny music from the children’s water-thingy, people having picnics and kids running around, you can almost imagine yourself being transported a few hundred years back.

Note of advice: Go during non-school holidays if you’re not too keen on kiddies tripping you up and screaming your head off…. But the downside would be the lack of that ice cream truck around the corner.


Within the park are also some Roman Walls that were still standing. Remy, ever the history buff, really wants a photo of him there…. so I happily obliged, provided that he securely holds onto the railings so that he wouldn’t fall in and become part of said history himself……


Walking back towards the lake, we sat on one of the benches around it to admire the view….

That was when a HUGE gust of wind (it was a windy day! Even rained a couple of times…) nearly blew Remy into the water! To make matters worse, a goose suddenly decided that Remy looked rather yummy….

… A tactical retreat was in order…. so back into my bag he goes…. and refused to budge until the coast was clear.


But there were geese…. lots and lots of them….

 … and ducks…..

…. more ducks……


….. even MORE ducks…….

….. a handful of ‘pip’ing ducklings….


…. and some butt-ugly birds with their birdlings. So Remy didn’t come out for the rest of the walk there…

By this time, Remy and I were getting ravenously hungry, as we didn’t anything for breakfast apart from a mug of Horlicks. So we made a move onto the next stop, St.Albans Cathedral.


St.Albans Cathedral and more in part IV, coming soon.


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