jelly-like legs~ part IV

Leaving the ducks, hungry goose, and Verulamium park, we went past Ye Olde Fighting Cocks (reputedly the oldest licensed inhabited inn in England), back towards St.Albans Cathedral… near where we started.


This time, we walked within the compounds of the cathedral…..


… and went inside as well.


St.Albans was named after Albans, Britain’s first martyr, who had his head chopped off by the Romans for harbouring Christians…. The Cathedral was supposedly built on the site where he was executed. (There are quite a few rather graphic images of beheadings around. And a very nice mural of how the cathedral was built within the main hall)


Everything inside was VERY impressive and grand…. Rather breathtaking too! We lingered as long as we could until our stomachs grumbled so loudly that we were in danger of being kicked out…..

 … so we headed off back to the city center (at around 3.30pm)…. We reached the main shopping areas of the town, and saw Wagamama. The thought of RICE was wayyy too tempting to resist. So to the giant bowl of ‘cha han’ and elderflower sparkling water’ we went.

We lingered around for a while longer after satisfying our vehemently protesting tummy…. and bought an assortment of chocs. from Thorntons.

Reached home at around 6.30pm, with legs that were feeling remarkably gelatin-like~

 Now that it’s been a few days after the adventure, Remy decided to retrace his steps…. in a rather smaller scale.

So, the map of the Cathedral, Verulamium park and the surrounding landmarks would do quite well. 



The end of this rather long adventure at St.Albans.


8 thoughts on “jelly-like legs~ part IV”

  1. Wagamama? What a kind of shop? OHHHH cha-han! I ate this afternoon!
    WAO! The stained glass is amazing!

  2. Wagamama is a chained Japanese retaurant here in the UK. It sells a few types of noodles and cha-han…. I also like the gyoza!

    I LOVE cha-han!!

    The cathedral is very nice!

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