Remy goes to farringdon~

Enk went to Farringdon on Wednesday for an interview. And as usual, Remy came along all snug and happy in Enk’s bag.

As usual, we arrive quite a bit earlier before the interview (3pm) so we had a bit of a walkabout. (Same old same old… No surprises there).

Farringdon seemed to be a nice place to work at… coffee places around the corner, nice little shops and bright shiny companies…. Best of all, there’s this iaido dojo just a bit away from Barbican station! 

Anyway…. as I was saying…. we went around for a walk (2 hours or so to go) and bumped into this!

It turned out to be St.John’s Gate, the entrance to the Priory of the Order of St John, the English Headquarters of the crusading Knights Hospitallers, from 1140 until Henry VIII’s reign… now Museum of the Order of St. John~!

Never being able to resist old dusty crumbling artifacts (and having loads of time to spare), we went in for a spin. Turned out that the place also had some connection to the Knights Templar…. Wasn’t the right day for the guided tour, but would be an interesting thing to keep an eye out for. 

After an enjoyable round in St.John’s Gate and a brief stop at the gift shop, we continued to just… walk…. and managed to get completely lost…. Wasn’t too keen on heading back the same route where we came from, so we continued stomping around taking in the sights, with the occasional stops to pull out my trusty old map, argue with Remy about the directions and peering at the directions stuck on bus stops.

At around 2.15pm, we managed to find out way back to the familiar grounds~ A nice cup of ice caramel macchiato later, it was time for the interview….

It was a relatively quick and painless interview, we headed out back to Farringdon station. From there, we decided to go to Bank and walk to St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Unfortunately, we arrive to Bank as planned BUT found ourselves going out of Monument (accidentally afollowed the  underground connection for the 2 stations)…. so had to detour back to Bank, this time ABOVE ground…..

And from Bank to St. Paul’s….

And went around St. Paul’s….

…stopping occasionally for a few photos…..

…and to admire the view…. (This was where they ‘fed the birds’ in Mary Poppins.)

Remy refused to come out because of the wind. He has not forgotten little incident at St.Albans lake and was happy to just stay nicely tucked in Enk’s bag.

Since it was getting rather late, we decided to go home via Blackfrairs….

…with a souvenir for Remy from St.John’s gate, a little lavender scented cushion.

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