another foodie update~

It has been a rather satisfying 2 days for Remy.


With the help of HDD (the poor squished fluffy cousin who happened to be nice and mircowavable… perfect to keep the dough warm), dinner included a nice home-baked wholemeal loaf of bread….

…and the first cabbage from the garden….

….so we happily tucked into a sausage sandwich, crispy fried herby potatoes, and cabbage+’shroom side with aussie red wine and ribena!


Today ….

Dim sum of UTTER NYOM-NESS at Chinatown~!!!!! And Remy being rather preoccupied clambering in and out of the little baskets of goodness for the whole hour….

Followed by a fast run into various chinese shops to stock up on oriental foods, and happening onto some ‘special priced’ razor clams….

…which we had for dinner (stir fried) along with some ‘kangkung’ and the leftover bread.


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