indian meal~

After much pounding/grinding/blending/sifting/breaking/wiping/ kneeding/sticking/giggling/cursing from Muks later…..

We had a fantastic homemade indian meal (madras with naan bread) and veggies~ Remy was spluttering from the heat, but happy.


6 thoughts on “indian meal~”

  1. Remy, have you ever read ‘Oishinbo’ manga? The story is being published serially and very popular! The leading character, Siro Yamakawa ( I suppose his name is correct….) looks like you! He is so adorable!

  2. Ooooh~ The anime about food, isn’t it? Hahaha…. There’s also one about ‘pan’!!! I’ve not watched them before. Maybe Rama might want to watch it~

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