Remy discovers Sushi~!!!!!

We had a cuzzie day out last Saturday, in which Remy discovers the delights of sushi~!!

The meal was completely devoid of chitchat while we inhaled our food….

So, not too long later…………

………….which was followed shortly by…….


8 thoughts on “Remy discovers Sushi~!!!!!”

  1. We call shoyu ‘murasaki’ ( it means ‘purple’ ).
    And green tea is ‘agari’.
    These are a kind of jargon, so we don’t use these words at the other Japanese restaurants.
    But if you call them ‘murasaki’ or ‘agari’ at the sushi restaurant next time, you will enjoy sushi more and more!

  2. I forgot to tell you!
    ‘Agari’ doesn’t mean sunrise~~~~.
    It seems to have several meanings, but I don’t know which is right.
    And ‘tamago yaki’ is called ‘gyoku’. It’s from ‘็Ž‰(tama)’.
    Interesting ‘sushi-words’!

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