Sometimes, fact is stranger than fiction…

After months of job hunting, I’ve finally found a job (sometime in mid August) that I feel I can learn from, and managed to get spotted AND picked from amongst the other who-knows-how-many applicants swarming London.

Ecstatic with the job offer, I was quite unaware to what was in store for me in the next month or so….

Because I was to start sometime mid September, I thought that my hope to go to New Zealand for Muks’s big day would pretty much have to be dashed by now (firstly due to being broke from studies plus prolonged unemployment, and also from just starting a new job… would still be in the probation period, for crying out loud!! )… But since I was asked if I had any holiday or plans within the year, I thought I might as well ask if it was possible for me to get 2 weeks off early November.

A couple of emails later, much to my surprise and guilt I was actually granted (what I THOUGHT at the time, 4 days holiday from this year, and pull 3 days from the next) 7 days off for the trip, even though there were already other staff on holiday at the same time!!

With that offer hanging overhead, I quickly tried to plan and budget the trip to see if I could afford it, maximizing on every centpenny. Much to my dismay, however I think/shove/plan/calculate/pout it just would not work. Just the airfare would be GBP1250++!!!!

I was disappointed….

But that Saturday, I went out with my two cuzzies (cuzzie 1 and cuzzie 2) for a cuzzie day out for sushi. Over coffee and cake, I chatted with them about the situation, and my oh-so-generous cuzzie 1 (who wouldn’t be able to go herself… *sighs*) offered to pay a large part of the plane ticket for me!!!!

Imagine my shock/surprise….

So after a few discussions with the family, I (very gratefully) decided to take her up on the offer. With that problem now solved, I re-planned things and though the journey would be tiring, it would be doable with 7 days (plus 2 weekends). I then quickly emailed my new manager to ask for the dates off in November.

And here comes my second shock/surprise in as many days…

He very nicely told me that I can take a few days more because it’s a very far place to go (35 hours flight !! Help!!). With that unexpected bit of news, I quickly rechecked the previous email, and found that I’ve actually misread what he typed, and thought that 7 was the total I could get, while in fact that was the number of days I can get from this year but suggested that I pull 3 days from 2009 to round it up to a total of 10 days (PLUS 3 weekends!!!!!!).

With that suggestion very gratefully received (I was NOT looking forwards to flying 30+ hours within a week from the other), I recalculated the days, re-planned things a bit, and resent in my date request which was then promptly approved.

With this new schedule, this mean I could actually fly there with cuzzie 2 and cuzzie-in-law-to-be!! While I might drive them both up the plane walls, or vice versa, it is still infinitely better than traveling so long by my lonesome! *grins*

After a bit of waffling and nerve wrecking anticipation, we managed to buy the ticket to New Zealand sometime just after midnight the moment the check was cleared by the bank!!

So, it was official then…. I get to go to cuzzie 2’s wedding!!!! The only thing that would have made things even shinier would be if cuzzie 1 had been able to go as well…. but life throws curveballs at unexpected times (as this post proved), though sometimes not in a nice way.

From that moment till today had been filled with planning and filling forms and signing for both the trip as well as the new job.

That’s not the end of the story….

My first day was supposed to be tomorrow (Wednesday, 17th Sept 2008). This afternoon, I received a phonecall from my new manager….. He told me that I was to take the day off tomorrow and come in on Thrusday instead!!!! This was because my computer was not ready yet.


Who on earth gets the day off on their first day?!!!! (Not that I’m complaining, mind you….. just rather… surprised…. and bemused…. )


 All in all…. life has been good…..

6 thoughts on “Sometimes, fact is stranger than fiction…”

  1. Wow! Sounds like your place has such a great working culture! And your boss is really sweet (that’s very important for any work I think!). Glad that after all the hassle of planning, everything turned out all right! Your angel is looking out for you and your lucky stars are shining bright! 🙂

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