the bus strikes again….

Damnit, this is getting old really fast….

The bus just did not show up today due to an (admittedly, unavoidable/unpredictable) accident and has been redirected on some other route….

Not just 1 or 2 of them…. but possibly the whole morning!!!!!!!!!

If it weren’t for Chris messaging me (after waiting for a long long LOOOONG while, I assume?) to tell me that the busses were off, I’d probably still be at the bus stop waiting! Thank goodness there’s another bus route not too far away that ends up at the train station as well. *grumbles*

Funny thing is, I’ve just found out while replying Chris’s message that the predictive text on my mobile predicted ‘curses’ before ‘busses’….. *grins* 

Now THAT’s intelligence…


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