… and yet again!!!!!

The bus was 15 minutes late today…. which meant I ended up 1 minute late for my usual train…..



But looking at the (only) bright side, I got to indulge in my newest addiction.

 Cheesy toasties!!

I’ve promised myself that I would only get it on the days where I had to wait for the later train….

…which has been alarmingly often these 2 weeks…




4 thoughts on “… and yet again!!!!!”

  1. Every cloud has a silver lining!

    I love cherry tomatoes (halved) in my cheese toasties but they get even hotter than the cheese and burn the roof of your mouth to shreds, if – like me – you are greedy and impatient when you have a toastie in your hand!

    …is that silver with a cloudy lining…?!

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