naughty and VERY unhappy Remy!!

Past Thursday, Remy overslept….

But of all the days for that to happen, it was not the best timing. As a result, he didn’t get into my bag, and missed:

1. A SUPERBLY yummy dinner of lamb biryani and bindi bhaji. (No photos, we were in a rush)

2.  Bill Bailey’s Remarkable Guide to the Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall.

The show was brilliant…. I loved every moment of it…..

….including the mesmerising upsidedown mushrooms (which Bill Bailey noted felt like a worm looking up onto a dandelion *grins*).

The orchestra (conducted by Anne Dudley) accompanying him was impressive. Even has quirky instruments like a theremin, an alpine horn and cowbells!

 This would have been where Remy should be sitting, enjoying the show if he hadn’t burrowed so deep under the duvet that morning! First class seats in a box!!


Unfortunately….. This was the scene I came home to…..

My trebuchet use to sit happily on my window sill.


Naughty Remy.


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