christmassy stuff

Christmas has now left the building… *sigh* Have to wait another year before we can dig out the Snowman DVD again, or have turkey related food….

Anyway… a quick recap of what happened earlier this month.

1st company dinner... at mdm tussauds

One of the first things that started this month was the first christmas party at Mdm. Tussauds. This was the big company thing. To say it was…. interesting… is an understatement… *grins*

2nd company dinner... pub grub!

Then came the smaller Christmas party/treasure hunt/pub crawl that started at 12pm, which included the much anticipated secret santa, finger-food lunch, pub crawls/treasure hunt/scavanger hunt/pub quiz/puzzle solving/copious amounts of beer or cider or anything remotely alcoholic/challenges/team competition, ending in yet another pub where we had pub grub and more challenges.

starter cake

On Christmas day itself, we had a family gathering at a cousin’s, excluding the Dent and Dented who went up north, for a HUGE 3 course Christmas lunch.


As usual, we had a Christmas 2 on the 28th when the Dent and Dented came back to London. Between the 3 of us, we had a HUGE turkey roll with herby and apple stuffing, yorkshire pudding, roast carrots, snips and potatoes, washed down rather nicely with NZ Boreham Wood wine. Yum!


Last but not least…. Pressies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you all for a truely Merry Christmas!



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