weekend meals…

The first Saturday of ’09 consisted of:

1. waking up at 9.30 to go for a nice much needed haircut. Hair is now much lighter, shorter and thinner… yay!

2. a 3 course lunch. *grins* I was hungry!! I started with a nice bowl of creamy mushroom soup, followed by egg in the basket with still runny yummy yolk (just the way I love it), and finished with cheesy macaroni. All simple winter comfort foods.


3.ย  surfing around the net aimlessly while getting in touch with friends from uni.

4. catching up on some reading.

5. a nice little kip due to the lack of sleep the night before.

6. dinner of a very yummy spicy Caribbean chicken, a generous helping of broccoli and a slice of crunchy seed-y yet soft bread.


Later after we’ve rested our tummies somewhat, we’d have tea before I’ll head to bed for some anime/reading before calling it a day.




2 thoughts on “weekend meals…”

  1. Hungry?

    By the way, slight error in your naming of food… I think what you had was egg ON a basket. ๐Ÿ™‚

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