call me Van Helsing….


because even Dracula AND his 3 brides will die if they comes within 5 feet from me…

Why again?

a classic example of mental filters and blind spots….

Last night, I really wanted to shower and wash my hair before doing dinner…. but thought that I had JUST enough time to prepare lunch for work the next day.Β  So I rushed around the kitchen frying up some udon and tuna. While I was grabbing an egg, I noticed a little blue bowl in the fridge and thought ” oh… leftover onion.Β  Would be nice to be fried up in noodles, and needs eating anyway since it must have been in there for 2-3 days….” With that in mind, I dumped the entire contents of what I thought to be 1/3 of an onion into my cooking, and cracked the egg on top of it.

While stirring the udon I was thinking about anime and the shower I was going to have, while wondering why the kitchen smells of garlic.

When food was done, I emptied it into my little lunch bowl and left it to cool, and went upstairs for my longed-for shower.

It was after my shower and I was in my room brushing my damp hair when the Dent and Dented came rushing up and asked me if I had enough garlic in my lunch. Only then did I realise that what I thought was onion turned out to be one whole head of garlic (minus 1 clove)….

vampire's bane

So here I am, armed with onion garlic tuna udon with egg. Ironically, I don’t even bloody LIKE garlic most of the time!

At least I’m safe from vampires….


6 thoughts on “call me Van Helsing….”

  1. Hey I absolutely ADORE garlic!!

    Does garlic look like onions over there? You don’t chop your garlic or onions before frying them?

  2. I LOVE onions.

    Onions and garlic look totally different. But it was chopped into little itty bitty bits in the fridge (leftover from the cooking the night before) so it’s sort of frozen and doesn’t smell of anything at that point.

    I didn’t know that there was garlic left, and assumed it was the left over onion from 2 days before.

    Mental filters and blind spots!!

  3. Garlic and onions smells are so pervasive that mere refrigeration does not remove it… You need a better excuse than that. πŸ™‚

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