take 2

After our previous experience with pasta of utter headspinning delight, Muks and Mitch decided to give it another go while we were out getting sashimi at Selfridges.

This time, we were VERY generous with the amount of fish roe we dumped into the pasta, partly because we thought we might as well be indulgent and pamper ourselves in this nasty cold weather, partly also because of the amount of pasta we tossed up (along with an increased amount of cream, onions and seaweed).

The results? Glorious.

the ultimate pasta

Waki looks on with interest while we practically inhaled the food, washed down nicely with miso soup and green tea.

yummy close-up

Close up on the nice balance of the slight saltiness of the seaweed, the creamy richness of the sauce coating well cooked yet still happily chewy angel hair pasta, made perfect with huge dallops of roe that pops and releases the aromatic fishiness of the sea.

BUT… as they say… practice makes perfect.

I vote that we should ‘practice’ this dish more often! *grins* After all, Mitch and Muks are occasional perfectionists!


3 thoughts on “take 2”

  1. Yes, I absolutely agree with the bit about nasty cold weather!! Your mentaiko pasta looks smashing and totally indulgent!! I can’t wait to cook it again … this time with REAL mentaiko!

  2. Shom:

    It’s going to be -8 where we live tonight!!!!!!!! Good thing we’re planning to have congee and curry to warm us up! We need steamboat!!!


    Does just breathing on them work?

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