December, the month for indulgences… 4

Last but definitely not least (and by far most expensive),

Indulgent product no.4:

Remus Lupin

Remus Lupin, limited edition (no.768 ) by Gentle Giant.

Very impressive sculpting. Even managed to get David Thewlis’s pouty-ness. Has slightly grubby fingernails (from scrabbling around as a werewolf, mayhaps?) and jutting out tie which makes it rather breakable… but pretty well done detailing.

As for why has poor Remus been half transfigured into a wall I have no idea. Perhaps he’s spotted a stone scupture of a full moon?


There would have been product no.5 (Faramir 12″ figurine by sideshow), which I ordered online on the 2nd of Jan (technically, NOT a December-buy though close enough) BUT recieved an email from Forbidden Planet 2 weeks later telling me that it’s been sold out! *growls*


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