New Years lunch…

We (everyone from the office) went out for a Shinnenkai last Friday at Saki, a posh and quite expensive Japanese restaurant near the office.

at Saki

I had the chirashi sushi and ice coffee.

So very very good.


4 thoughts on “New Years lunch…”

  1. Shinnenkai’s lunch looks soooo gorgeous! But I wonder chirasi and iced coffee are nice combination for you and your co-workers? If I were you, I would order the strong AGARI! hahaha But you had a great lunch time with your co-workers, didn’t you?!
    I also had Toshikosi Soba lunch with co-workers on the 26th Dec. last year.

  2. Haha…. Everyone tried something else. I was the only one ordering ice coffee… some of them had sake as well! And Asahi beer.
    It was a nice lunch!
    Oooo!! Soba! I like soba as well! But my favourite would be udon!

  3. To have Toshikoshi Soba during from New Year’s Eve night to the first day of New Year is one of our traditions. Have you ever heard?

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