foodie weekends…

The weekend started with Muks waving her Green and Black recipe book at me…

home baked cookies

…resulting in chocolate and mix nuts/berries cookies that were not overly sweet thanks to a slight mishap with the mixer, only-slightly-melted butter and sugar.

While Waki was guarding the cookies, Muks was busy with more baking (nananaan!!!)…

indian dinner

…Chris chipped in by whipping up some chicken madras, and we (Mitch and Muks) finished off with making spinach in spicy yoghurt.


Weekends are definitely about food.


6 thoughts on “foodie weekends…”

  1. The drop cookies I’ve made are a lot easier to make compared to ‘normal’ cookies. Just mix in the stuff needed in a bowl and use a spoon to ‘drop’ them onto the baking tray to be baked, instead of having to cream the butter and sugar (like your cake) first, and then mixing and kneading and rolling and cutting then bake. I like oaty cookies as well, so I prefer drop cookies… Normal cookies are a lot finer, i think, due to lack of oats and normally uses self rising flour or wholemeal. (I might be completely wrong, but this was what I thought from what i’ve done so far)

  2. Interesting! OK, I’ll check out some recipes online. Yes, I hate to cream butter and sugar, and wash the batter later ….

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