new shiny~!

After months of ho-humming, plus lots and lots of research, (and no small amount of irritation) I’ve finally given in and bought this…~!

onda vx787

A 16GB Onda VX787 4.3″ PMP! Yay!

Ordered it on ebayย  Thurday evening, and to my surprise, arrived before 11 on Friday morning! Talk about lightning service!! I was also given a free headphone upgrade and screen protectors. Best of all, this was actually one of the cheaper ones sold out there right now.

It’s not perfect and is still slightly buggy (new model), but it allows me to watch videos, listen to music and read ebooks on the go…. so no complaints from me!

Now I don’t have to rely on my phone, crappy standard samsung earphones, and limited space (roughly 20 songs, if that!!) anymore!

Double yay!


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