childhood favourites!

I managed to scuttle over to S C Crosby in Farringdon and saw that they had diced venison…. so on Friday night, we had one of our Tawau fav. dishes…

giong chung luk yiok

Giong Chung Luk Yiok (stir fried venison with ginger and spring onion)!! and Tiki looking rather nervous.

After a quick dimsum and foodie run into Chinatown the next day (which was rather nightmarish due to Chinese New Year being just round the corner and everyone was doing their pre-new year foodie run as well!!), we decided to have another childhood favourite, tomyam steam boat for dinner that night…

….but thought that the steam from the cooking would permeate the entire house. So we had makeshift instant steamboat instead, by dumping everything into the pot at one go before venturing back out into the living room to enjoy the fruit of our labour!

instant steamboat...?

Waki, as usual, hogged the cider.




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