snowed in….

Woke up this morning at 7.20 by Muks telling us that all buses were canceled, and restricted travels only on trains. At that point, I also received a text saying that the office is closed due to the snow!

Peering out into the semi darkness, we saw that the garden was completely white with a foot of snow!!!!

ready to go!

We couldn’t just let that sit, so we all kitted out in warm fluffy clothes…

pristine snow

…and braved the cold white fluff.

poor plants

The poor plants in the garden looked rather sad.

king of the garden

So, with Waki directing…

cheerful snowmen

…we set about making some cheerful (and some less cheerful) snowmen.

waki blending in....

Waki came to inspect his army just before we tromped back into the warmth for coffee…..

…and brought the snow indoors with us.


6 thoughts on “snowed in….”

  1. A sleeveless, a t-shirt, a jumper and a jacket! πŸ˜€ a pair of jeans, scarf, NICE thick socks, trainers (no snowboots I’m afraid.. brrrr) and a pair of gloves.

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