Iaido gear, part 1

Was originally planning to post about my Iaido gear at one go, but since I’m still waiting for my bokken (wooden sword), I thought I might as well go ahead with my keiko gi (practice clothes) first.

hakama and gi

1. Uwagi (practice jacket).ย  Really thick and tough, also used for Aikido.

2. Obi (belt.. in this case, white for a beginner like me! ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Will need to get a proper iaido obi when I get my iaito (practice sword) so it’ll hold better because this one would be too thin)

3. Hakama (the black trousers that Rama is perched on top of)…. Learning how to wear that properly is hard!! Even how to fold it after class is an art form! (Look at the pretty intricate bow I managed to do at last!) All the pleats, himo (strings to tie the Hakama) and koshiate (back panel of the hakama) has to be folded just right to get this looking nice and neat, and ready to be worn for the next lesson.

I forgot to plonk my zori (Japanese sandals) into the shot. Will put that in with my next post about Iaido gear when I get my bokken!!


For those who were wondering, I go to Aikido of London for my classes. Any Londoners/London-visitors interested in joining either Aikido or Iaido?


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