This morning, as usual, I woke up, got ready and went downstairs to boil a kettle of water for a cup of tea (in my bright shiny new travel mug that I bought yesterday) to take with me on my way to work.

Much to my distress and horror, I completely forgot that we were out of milk.

So unhappily clutching a mug of dairy free tea, I went to wait for the bus.

The tea, due to being milk free and contained in a proper shiny heat-keeping mug, was boiling hot and I proceeded to scald my mouth when I took my first sip.

When I reached the train station with my mug of steaming hot milkless tea (minus one sip), I still had a bit of a wait for the train. Really wanting my drink in hand, I went to the little breakfast store at the platform (where I bought toasties) and asked if I might have ‘a wee bit of milk for my tea’…

The grin on the guy’s face couldn’t have been wider.

At least I had milk in my tea for the rest of the journey to work….


Unfortunately, due the the ‘new-ness’, ‘shiny-ness’ and ‘good-quality-ness’ of my travel mug, it kept my now-milked tea a bit too hot to be consumed…. until I reached the office….


… that has milk in the fridge.