not so marble cake…

I bumped into this nice blog about food yesterday, which prompted me to try out one of the recipes:

Chocolate and honey marble cake.

Things started out well…..

Waki even came in for a while to hog the batter when I was mixing the 2 up into a bread tin for baking.

cake batter

Unfortunately, the recipe given wasn’t specific about the heat needed.Β  (170 for a fan oven? or a normal oven?)

I chose to think that she meant a fan oven, because it’s one of those family recipes and I assumed that she uses a fan oven as well.

slightly burnt

So… we ended up with a rather puffy and crispy-around-the-edges cake.


2 thoughts on “not so marble cake…”

  1. Was the cider drinking thing trying to climb into the baking tin? He does know that there’s no cider in it, doesn’t he?

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