nose to tail eating…

I booked a table at St John Smithfield for today. Meeting up with friends from Newcastle Uni for lunch.

Well known for it’s ‘British’ness, interesting menu, good food, and fantastic bread, I knew this meal was bound to be unique.

Right after we were seated, we were shown the menu of the day. This changes from day to day, and most of the dishes on it were definitely not your normal run-of-the-mill choices. So after a lot of very very nice bread, questions, guesswork and hum-hawing, we finally made our decisions on what to order.

I skipped the starter went went straight for the main.


Braised hare with swede.

The meat was nice, fragrant and tender, and the soft sweet swede (and chunks of carrots, how fitting!) mopped up the stray bits of hare and the sauce perfectly. It was a bit of a struggle with the dish though, the bones were quite feisty and had put up a good fight.

I can happily tell you that in the end, I won!

After a second bit of hum-hawing, I decided that I could just about fit in some dessert as well.


Stem ginger ice cream!!!!

Mini Gronkett managed to sneak into my bag without me noticing, and tapped out when the fantastically creamy-yet-not-too-sweet-with-a-bit-of-ginger-sharpness bowl of goodie arrived.

Gronkee and Gronker were slower, so they missed out.

So between Gronkett and myself, the ice cream dissapeared quite quickly. Though I ended up feeling rather too full at the end due to the very generous serving here.

Happily foodiefied and in pleasant company, lunch passed by rather too quickly, and I had to go back to work.

Would I go there again, you ask?

In a heartbeat!



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