a day in the life of Enk…

…through Rama’s eyes.

Rama, being the foxy fluff that he is, decided that it would be a good idea to sneak into Enk’s Iaido bag and follow her on one of her practice days.

After an uncomfortable night spent within the confines of Enk’s bag, Rama was rudely jerked awake when Enk shouldered it as she was ready to go downstairs and out the house to work that morning. Unused to the cold outside the four walls of Enk’s warm bedroom and the long wait at the bus stop, Rama was not happy.

The bumpy jerky ride on the bus did not help. Rama was starting to regret his hasty choice and lack of planning… ie. nicking Remy’s cushion along for a more comfortable ride….

Things went from bad to worse when Enk found that ALL the trains were quite severely delayed upon arriving at the station. When the train finally arrived, there were so many passengers crowding onto it that Rama was quite thoroughly squished….

And gotten more and more squished at every stop where more people boarded. Rama was definitely not happy to be shoved, elbowed and, on one occasion, stomped on…. and wonders why anyone bothered stepping out of their nice comfortable warm spacious houses.

Silently fuming, Rama breathed a sigh of relief when the train finally reached Farringdon.

Bored and having had enough of Enk’s Iaido bag, Rama revealed himself when Enk arrived at her desk. Things had a turn for the better from then on….

sneaking out

He spent the day exploring Enk’s desk…. hogging her PMP for anime… and eyeing the mini Gronks with barely concealed interest.


Rama was particularly cheered when Enk’s early dinner came along and she bought a pack of sushi.


At 7pm, Rama was happy enough to hop back into the bag and followed Enk to her Iaido class, the highlight and purpose of his day out. After Enk changed into her Iaido gear and bowed into the dojo, Rama popped back up and watched Enk stumble and creak through it all from the relative safety of the bag at the benches.

train ride home

An hour and a bit later, after cleaning up the practice mats and changed back into normal wear, Rama and Enk were on their way home.

On the train, Rama, tired but hyped from watching the Sensei (teacher) and amused at Enk’s desperate attempts to mimic the moves, contemplated upon his experiences for the day…..

…felt happy but was also eager to get home to sleep.

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