what is Iaido?

I’ve been practicing Iaido for the past month now. Still loving it…  still slightly obsessed,  and has become the highlights of my week.

Me, being the person I am, couldn’t resist researching about what exactly is Iaido, and have done so for the past month.

After crawling through numerous ‘What is/About’ pages from dojos (formal gathering place for students of any Japanese martial arts style to conduct training, examinations and other related encounters) around the world and articles that are not exactly informative and are basically reiterating the same things over and over again, I found this article by Dr.Deborah Klens-Bigman. She also has a number of other interesting Iaido-related articles.

I found the article specially intriguing because it has thoughts and insights about the art from a female sensei (teacher) perspective. Unfortunately as one would expect, there aren’t too many women martial art practitioners, let alone someone who managed to persist for a significant number of years.

Go take a look if you’re curious. Have fun!


4 thoughts on “what is Iaido?”

  1. Yep! *grins* Now I’m only using a bokken/bokuto. But I’ve already ordered my iaito! Will probably get it in a month’s time! yay!

    Hm.. I don’t know about the ranks. I’ve not had any grading yet since I’ve only started a month ago. I don’t think there are many though..?? 😛

  2. Otto! Sorya sugoi!
    But how about Kendo? Have you ever tried?
    One of my colleagues is a master of Kendo and he coaches many kids at a dojo every Wednesday. But I suppose the people who learn it are quite few now in Japan. So you will be a NEW HOPE of Iaido world!!!! tamannai ne!

  3. Haha… I’ve only started for a few weeks. I will try my best! 😀

    I’ve only had a few classes in Kendo when I was in Japan. There are a lot of kendo classes here, but I prefer Iaido. It’s very calming because it’s Kata base, and less sparring.

    I love it when my Sensei shows us the kata… it looks really really ‘kakkoi’!! 😀

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