eating out….

Muks and me had an urge for steamboat (also known as nabemono/hot pot/chinese fondue) so we made plans to run off after work to New Era near Barbican last Friday to satiate our craving.

Unfortunately, it was only when I was in the office did I realise that I’ve forgotten to bring Waki along…..


…much to mini Gronkette’s delight.

Needless to say, Waki was quite displeased when he found out.

lamb shank

So, we went out on Saturday night to Harvester for salad, Jack Apple (JackDaniels and apple juice+ lemonade) and a fantastically melt-in-your-mouth plate of lamb shanks.


For Monday’s lunch, I decided to try the Angus beef pie and mash from Farm Collective


… where I found that I was one step slower than a certain fluffy little gronk.

After evicting said fluffy furball, I fell into my lunch with gusto. It was definitely worth the little bit more I had to pay for it.


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