Iaido gear, part 2

Continued from my previous post about my Iaido gear…

cleaning kit and zori

1. My zori (sandals) that I forgot to include in my previous iaido gear post.

2. Sword maintenance kit:

  • Wooden box to hold the misc. bits and bobs
  • Mekuginuki– The little golden hammer to remove the peg on the sword handle for repair
  • Choji oil– Little bottle of rust preventive sword oil
  • Uchiko-The round red thing in the middle. Finely ground stone powder double-wrapped in traditonal Japanese hand-made paper for the inner wrap and silk cloth for the outer wrap, used to polish the blade and remove old sword oil.
  • Nuguigami paperPaper, made from soft, sensitive pulp tissue, to wipe off the excessive oil, uchiko powder and dust on the sword.
  • Little round container for holding a piece of cloth for the sword oil

My Iaito (practice sword) and bokken (wooden sword) are on their way from Japan! ๐Ÿ˜€


For those who were wondering, I go to Aikido of London for my classes. Any Londoners/London-visitors interested in joining either Aikido or Iaido?


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