Easter bank holiday…

This Easter bank holidays, Waki decided that I’ve not had my aimless London wanderings since the weather turned cold and me getting my job.

on the train

He also claims that he’s not been on the train before….

So on Good Friday, we set out towards South Kensington.

Natural History Museum

We queued, got into the Natural History museum, managed to circle the first gallery we were in, and promptly exited within 10 minutes…

Enk does not like crowds.

We headed across the streets into Victoria and Albert Museum…

Victoria and Albert Museum

..where they had rather vicious and gory sculptures….

waki at v&a

…and more vicious and gory sculptures….


On Easter Monday, we had the urge to continue our museum theme…

Museum of London

So we popped down into Barbican.

After circling the outer wall of the Museum for a bit trying to find the entrance, we managed to get in.


There was a surprisingly pretty little garden right inside, with a water mill!

London Wall

The museum is plonked right on top/at the side of the remaining Wall of London (Londonium, as the Romans called it)

coffee break

Tired after spending 4 hours wandering in the dark around old rocks, bits and bobs, we had a bit of a rest and some light refreshments before continuing our walk outside on the rare occasion that the sun was out and shining!

A few wrong turns lead us to interesting sights such as…


the Cathedral?

pretty alley

A little lane forgotten by time….


And a little mansion with it’s pretty manicured lawn, sitting quite out of place in between huge cold glass towering buildings.


London is such an interesting place to walk around!


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