foodie day!

Today is my 27th birthday. With that in mind, there was quite a lot of baking done during the past 2 nights.


I ended up lugging 18 choco hazelnut muffins and many mini scones (supplied by sMuks) and a stowaway to work. The scones went down especially well with some clotted cream, whiskey marmalade and tea.


An Awww moment came when Sarah handed me a card and pressie from the guys at work! 😀 FarawayWaki couldn’t resist and begged to crack open the small jar (the hole on the top right corner of the box) of raspberry jam with framboise from the box of raspberry treats.

It was berry nice.

After work, we came home to some very very yummy chinese takeaway for dinner….


…and was presented with more pressies from sMuks and Chris. First to  be opened was this adorable book on bento lunches. Was quite torn between falling into the food or drooling onto the pages of the nice shiny pages of yumminess.



 Then, came the 2 weird things-in-a-jar-which-were-assumed-to-be-pickles-of-some-sort. Waki was rather bemused at these new squished round furries who by now have developed a bad case of claustrophobia.

They were promptly named salty and centy (english translations of the chinese (pickled) salted egg and century egg).


Last but not least, came the cheesecake. Salty was quite impressed to see his likeness as a candle… but was rather less impressed by the fact that it was half melted.

Thus was the day of my 27th birthday.

People would accuse me of being foodie-centric. But this was ALL just some weird coincidence…. really….


6 thoughts on “foodie day!”

  1. Hey!! Sorry for being late! But HAPPY 27TH BIRTHDAY!!! May your coming year be filled with lots of good cheer, laughter and FANTASTIC FOOD!

    The cake is so simple yet so adorable! Is that little doggie thing actually edible? When I was young I used to go crazy over little sugar figurines on cake.

  2. Cheers, Shom! 😛 From your keyboard to God’s screen! *sniggers*

    The doggie thing is actually a candle! So the poor thing has a half melted head now.

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