Cotswold weekend

Last weekend, we were bitten by the travel bug…. so very very very VERRRRY early on the saturday morning, Enk and Waki set out to Kings Cross, and then to Paddington.

Morning coffee

…without forgetting the much needed cup of coffee.

Neptune at CheltenhamPhotobucket

We arrived at Cheltenham first… did a bit of a walkabout and photo taking before getting the bus to Bourton-on-Water.

Rose Tree Restauranthome made lasagne

First stop, lunch! Rose Tree restaurant was fantastic.
Bourton on waterPhotobucket

Filled with tea and lasange, we explored the pretty little stone village….
Stow on the wold

…and headed towards Stow-on-the-Wold, one of the oldest settled areas in Britain.
Cream tea!Photobucket

But first things first… cream tea!

St.Edward cathedralPhotobucket

We wandered around the old village, took more photos (specially at one of the doorways of St.Edward’s cathedral where it is flanked by 2 majestic yew trees… Very Tolkienesque!) and ended up having to run towards the bus stop to catch the last bus back to Cheltenham.
On the bus back to Cheltenham

Waki had a bit of a snooze on the bus after the long day…

…and was ready to do more walking before having to go catch the late train towards Oxford.
O'Neil's for dinnersurf and turf

One more important thing before the train though…. Dinner! At O’neil’s.
Oxfrod backpacker's HostelAll Blacks!

We arrived at Oxford Backpacker’s Hostel around midnight.

Showered and snoozed.

When we woke up the next morning, Waki was very insistent on photos taken around the hostel corridor where there were many very interesting murals to be found…. specially the one featuring the All Blacks. Waki, being a Kiwi (as in New Zealander, not the bird or fruit), was very very excited to see his national heroes again!
OxfordOxford Castle

Oxford was definitely picturesque!
Whetherspoon.Breaded plaice

Though that didn’t stop Waki from begging for a rest and lunch a bit after noon.

Appetite satiated, we resumed walking around.
The Eagle and Child!!!!!!!!!!!!!Waki excited

Of course, a trip to Oxford would not be complete without a brief stop at the Eagle and Child pub!

We then spent the next few hours walking around and taking photos….

…and visiting the various colleges and buildings.

We even saw a group of students in their black flowing robes walking towards class….
The CameraPhotobucketPhotobucket

Waki was fascinated with the sometimes scary and interesting sculptures peppered around the city.

Just before leaving, we managed to do a brief stop at Exeter College, much to Waki’s satisfaction.

So, a train ride later, we found ourselves back in London. Before heading off home, one last thing had to be had….
Dinner at Kings X



6 thoughts on “Cotswold weekend”

  1. How early is early? And – would you like foodie birthday present? Was joking about camel chocolates………..but there is other stuff.

  2. Hmmm just curious, how much did that plate of (chinese?) fried rice (yang chow-style?) cost? Gosh I think I suddenly have a craving for fried rice, might make some in the weekend!!

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