good old animes

Been back from Malaysia for a week now and finally gotten over my jetlagged state of airheadedness…

Apart from stumbling through work/life in general these past few days and trying not to kill myself  (or someone else for that matter…) during Iaido class, I’ve been watching Yuyu Hakusho.


I managed to buy the entire box set in Malaysia for RM195 (which is quite a bargain!) and hauled it back here with glee.

For anyone who has had any interest in anime during the 90s must have came across this particular series at some point. It’s quite an old classic, cheesy but fun!

It certainly can’t hold a candle against any of the newer (and by newer I mean any anime within the last 10 years!) in terms of technical prettiness, nor is the plot anywhere close to DeathNote with it’s twists and turns and mind games, but it’s oddly addictive.

Or maybe it’s just me…


Nevertheless, it is thoroughly enjoyable and I look forward to being curled up in bed enjoying Yuyu (with Rama peering past my shoulders hoping to catch a glimps of Kurama) for a few more weekends yet.


2 thoughts on “good old animes”

  1. Yu Yu Hakusho is a great Anime!! I don’t know what RM195 converts to in American money, but if your interested in buying anime @ bargain prices, visit my blog for more info. Or visit

    Im new to wordpress so please check it out.

    BTW no anime’s plot will ever beat Death Note’s ……LOL!!

    1. Yuyu Hakusho, Rurouni Kenshin (or samurai X as it’s known in the states), Slam Dunk, Ranma Nibunoichi, etc. Classics! 😀

      RM195 is about $56? Dirt cheap for an entire set!

      Cool. Cheers. Will do that.

      Ha. No.. Death Note is brilliant! Though the ending was a bit disappointing compared to the brilliant start and tension all the way till when L dies.

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